Top 5 Baby Nursery Essentials

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Top 5 Baby Nursery Essentials

What’s your idea of a perfect baby nursery? We bet that you would want it to be cozy, charming, and functional. Many parents spend days on end shuffling things around, gawking at the progress, trying to make their baby’s abode as perfect as they are.

We know that it can get a tad dizzying as you try to niche down on the essential items. As such, we have prepared a nifty list of 5 baby nursery essentials that will make your parenting ride less bumpy.

1.   Baby Bassinet


Newborns spend an average of 14-17 hours each day snoozing. You, therefore, need a safe bassinet or crib to keep them comfy as they trail off to the land of nod. Whether you choose a crib or a bassinet, ensure that it meets the US consumer product safety standards.

Many parents opt for bassinets without blinking an eye for their baby’s first months. Here’s why:

  • They use up less space in the nursery
  • They are easy to move from one room to the next
  • They are easy to lean over
  • They are a beautiful addition to the nursery

Comfy, safe, and stylish – how’s that for your little one’s sleeping area? Our Elite Oval Baby Bassinet with Canopy is a sizzling addition to your baby’s nursery.  You will love its traditional oval shape and luxurious furniture look.

The bedding set includes a lovely skirt, softly padded liner, fitted sheet, drape canopy, and a custom-fitted, vinyl-covered foam mattress pad –all machine washable. The graceful canopy shields your baby from the glare of light as they nap.

What’s more? This bassinet has a storage shelf snuggled beneath the skirt where you can stash away your baby’s feeding and changing essentials. It also has caster wheels making it easy for you to move your baby from one room to the next.

2.   Changing Table

Changing Table


Let’s be honest, changing a soiled diaper can be a little daunting. Your baby’s pudgy legs and feet can get in the way, making things a little messy. You, therefore, need a designated sturdy changing area where you can peacefully change or dress your little tot.

Our Modern Baby Changing Table with Six Baskets has ample room for you to change your baby. It has safety rails on all four sides and a safety belt to boot. You, therefore, don’t need to fret about your baby toppling over as you change or dress them.

But that’s not all, it comes with six baskets that allow you to store diapers, creams, and wipes among other items. This ensures that all your supplies are within reach, making changing a breeze.

The six pull-out baskets glide smoothly and are fully removable when you need to search for items lodged at the back of the drawer. You can also sneak in some nameplates into the pockets on the front of each basket to help you get more organized.

3.   Moses Basket

Moses Basket

A brand new baby snuggled in a Moses basket has got to be one of the most enchanting sights under the sun. Scores of parents’ love Moses baskets and for good reasons:

  • They are beautiful
  • They are lightweight and easily portable
  • They help keep the baby close
  • They mimic the safe and cozy familiar environment in the womb
  • They fit in small spaces

Our dreamy Natural Hooded Moses Basket checks all the boxes. It’s a snugly and a comfy haven for your baby to catch some Z’s anywhere in the house or when you are away from home. The hood helps shelter your baby and can be detached. Its bedding is also removable and machine washable.

This idyllic Moses basket will serve as your baby’s sleeping space until they can roll over or when they are 15 pounds. But does it go to waste when your baby outgrows it? Far from it! Simply convert it into a charming storage space for stuffed animals, linens, or let it act as a bed for dolls or pets.

4.   Wicker Hamper Sets


Babies may be itty bitty in size but don’t underestimate them. They accumulate the largest pile of laundry in a home, requiring a change of clothes 2-3 times each day. You, therefore, need sufficient storage for your baby’s dirty clothes.

Our Wicker Two Hamper Set with Liners will meet this need while at the same time sprinkling some pizazz in your baby’s nursery by their mere beauty. You can use them to presort baby’s clothes before laundry. They have slots on either side, helping you haul them effortlessly to the laundry room.

They also have attached lids that won’t get lost and a removable washable liner. When dirty, the hamper body can be spot cleaned.


5.   Storage Box

Toy Box

You probably have a boatload of gifts from your baby shower, some that your baby is not old enough to savor. You, therefore, need ample storage space to stow them away.

You can stash away your baby’s items and keepsakes in our Up and Down Toy and Storage Box with Two Baskets. The stuffed animals, dolls, toys, games, puzzles, legos and blocks will find a perfect home in the bigger storage chest.

The smaller items like your baby’s birth bracelet and other sentimental objects can be stored in the two baskets.

Final Thoughts

There’s a sea of baby nursery items baying for your hard-earned money. If you are not careful, you may end up with lots of items that you don’t need. We trust that our list of baby nursery essentials will help clear the fog as you make your purchases.

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