How to Prepare Your Elementary Learner for Back to School – 5 Critical Coping Tips

Learning has evolved in leaps and bounds since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. As your elementary learner gears up for back to school, you may be nursing a cocktail of emotions. You may be ecstatic about them hurtling back to school yet nervous about their safety and ability to cope.

Whether your child will be doing in-person learning, online classes, or homeschooling, they need prior preparation to help them roll with the punches. We’ve teamed up with Learning Resources to bring you these 5 tips to help you prepare your elementary learner for back to school.

5 Tips for Preparing Your Elementary Learner for Back to School


#1: Ingrain Independence

Your elementary learner will have a lot on their plate. They will be required to take care of their property, complete assignments, work alongside their peers, and carry out various school projects. An independent mindset will go a long way in helping them ace their responsibilities.

One way of fostering independence is by allowing them to organize their school work at home. You can bet that they will drag home a boatload of crafts, projects, and assignments. You don’t want to turn your home into a dumpsite so you need a plan.

The Super Strong Magnetic Hooks & Clips are the perfect reprieve to the flurry of projects. They have a powerful circular magnet that you can attach to metallic surfaces such as fridges, whiteboards, and cabinets. These hooks and clips are also ideal if you are homeschooling your child as they help you maximize your space.

Allow your elementary learner to sort and perch their work on the hooks/clips on their own. This helps cultivate independence and inadvertently shoves them ahead of their peers.

#2: Read Back to School Books

There are no back-to-school jitters that a good book cannot quell. You can help endear your elementary learner to school by reading them some back-to-school books. Reading will help spark their imagination, stoke their curiosity and reassure them. You can also chime in with your back-to-school escapades to help pacify them.

#3: Create a Learning Center at Home

Back to school means back to homework. But here’s the rub; homework is not your ordinary child’s cup of tea. You can help your elementary learner warm up to tackling their homework by creating a cozy learning center at home.

Perk up their study corner with ample storage space and organization tools. Our Combo Bin Storage Unit with Three Baskets is perfect for this. It has lots of storage for your child’s books, toys, projects, and crafts.

On it, you can perch a Magnetic Create-a-Space Bundle where your child can store their markers, pencils, paint brushes, scissors, glue sticks among other school essentials. Ensure that this learning area is free from distractions such as phones, TV, video games, etc.

#4: Reinforce Safety Measures

By now, your elementary learner is no stranger to the Covid-19 safety measures. They know that they should maintain social distance, don a mask, wash their hands regularly and raise alarm if they feel sick. It’s all tucked safely in their hearts.

However, kids will be kids. It’s possible for your child to occasionally toss the safety precautions out the window. To avoid this, go over the safety measures each day before you send them to school. This will help tether them to safety.

#5: Help Your Elementary Learner Get Organized

Your elementary learner has several subjects to contend with. Science, Math, English, history, art, music, etc. Whether in school or at home, it’s easy for them to get their work jumbled up. Inject some much- needed organization by labeling your child’s subjects and projects using the Write & Wipe Center Signs from Learning Resources.

These are double-sided signs that will help snuff out confusion. They are also versatile and easy to customize with a wet or dry erase marker. You can also use them to display your elementary learner’s checklist or daily to-do list.

Final Thoughts

Back to school doesn’t merely involve ticking off your child’s school essentials checklist. With the oodles of change that the pandemic has shoved our way, parents may need to do a little more. These 5 tips will help you prepare your elementary learner for back to school and set them up for a blissful school term.


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